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Anonymous → The theme is a little slow on this blog. For it to load and everything :(

It works for me??

+GM Lysander

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Anonymous → Not to be rude or mean, but the blog is really slow and I was wondering if there was something you could do to help it

I know, maybe convince fellow members to join? Once the games starts it will be fun and active.

So tell anyone to apply!

We’re getting there….just slow and steady

+GM Lysander

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Athena Curt || Mentor || 24 || District 1 || Weapon of Choice: Throwing Knives


Athena is not a sweet girl, as her face may say. She will do whatever is necessary to achieve what she wants. She has been training since she could walk and has a fantastic ability with throwing knives and manipulation. She can be a bitch to some, but lovely to others depending on how close they are. She prefers to be around people, and is as determined as anyone could ever be. She trained as hard as she could, and when she volunteered it paid off.

Athena spends most of her time training the younger kids at the training center and is proud when she leads them to the games. She may seem hard as stone on the outside, but she does have feelings and if you tap into them enough, she may trust you.

Her Reaping:

Athena woke up that day, feeling as she always does on reaping day. Excited. This time, she was 16 and she knew that this was her year. This year she was going to volunteer to go into the games and bring her family honor. She put on her short black dress and red shoes that she wore every year in hopes that her name would be called and no one would volunteer to take her place. That happened one year, and the poor girl never came back. This wasn’t going to happen this time. Athena stood by the people her age with her back straight and chin up. She knew she was getting looks from people, she always did. The entire district knew who her father was, a victor himself. A notorious one.

The mentor clicked onto the stage, proud that she got to lead this district instead of an outlying one. Her heels clicked across the stage and she pulled a slip out of the girl’s bowl. Her voice rang out, “Lilia-” and her voice was cut off. “I volunteer” Athena shouted at the stage and stepping into the aisle.

Her victory:

Athena, like most careers, staked out the cornucopia with the rest of the group. However, she had killed them all in their sleep with her secret weapon, poison, and was left alone. There were two other tributes left in the arena and she could only hope that they would kill each other and she would have an easy victory. It turned out to be a lot more fun for Athena.

The tribute from four came to the cornucopia during the night, hoping to get Athena while she was sleeping. However, he had another thing coming. His trident shot would have perfect except for the fact Athena ducked and it ricocheted off the cornucopia, leaving him weaponless. She took a knife out of her pocket and flung it at him. Still shocked by losing his weapon, he didn’t move in time and the knife lodged directly in his throat. He bled out within minutes, and Athena went home. Her death count at eight.

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20 more spots!

Just 20 more spots are left to be filled in! 

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Nemesis Kenne || District 2 || 17 || Letter given by anonymous 


Nemesis can never be predicted. Before she found out about her parents she was a sweet girl who cared about everyone around her. To her everyone made mistakes and she forgives everyone. She was the type of girl who would take her jacket off and give off to a poor man in the streets. She was know to smile no matter what happened around her but since she received the anonymous letter that explain to her why she was rejected her whole she she started to covered her real personality up and put on a new face. She made her soft heart seem cold. Nemesis speaks her mind which sometimes can get her in a load of trouble. Some say that she can read minds but in reality she just understands people and cares about them even though she never shows her true feelings. In short words Nemesis is like a coin, her personality depends on what side you flip her too. In other words she’s a two face girl who is afraid to get hurt.

As Nemesis left her red, fiery blood to stain the white sheet of paper she made her way to the section of seventeen year old’s. Today was her day to show everyone that had rejected her that she was more than just a poor adoptive girl whose parents were killed. She was going to show them that she was worth more than they thought.

Standing still as a rock, she stared straight at the stage. Everyone around them was asking the same question. “Who is going to represent us this year?” Nemesis could not help but smirk, she knew the answer to that question already. Everyone was engulf in their conversations but never Nemesis, she stood alone. Her eyes never left the stage, her stomach full with butterflies. She wanted this over with.

“Happy hunger games district two!” an annoying voice shouted onto the microphone. Waving like an idiot she continue. “Now we must choose our female tribute!” she squealed again and like if she was mocking them she walk slowly, way to slowly towards the bowl that held all the females in district two. It seem like eternity before the escort was back in front of the microphone and slowly opening the slip. Every girl in district two held their breaths, except Nemesis.

“I volunteer!” she shouted her head high. Heads turn around, mouths open and whisper arose. The poor rejected adopted girl had just volunteer. Nemesis ignore the whisper and her head high she made her way towards the stage. This was her time, her time to revenge her parents but most importantly it was her time to define herself.

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These leaves us…

With 21 spots left!

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Mentor || Eleanor Maria Smith || District 6 || 19 || Female


Eleanor was always a very shy girl to almost everyone in the district except her small group of friends. To everyone else she was just a wall flower. She was pretty much like everyone else in 6. She went to school everyday. Both her dad worked as an engineer for a local hovercraft company while her mother worked as a baggage handler which meant her mother was gone for a large part of the year. Her mother being gone didn’t really affect Eleanor all that much, she was used to it.

Eleanor was an only child and pretty much spent most of her time thinking or reading. She can be loud at times but prefers things to stay quiet.

Her Reaping

Eleanor’s reaping day was like most days in 6. The sun was hot and the air was dry. She was half way looking forward to this reaping as it would be her last. Less than a month later she would 18 making her ineligible to be reaped next year. Dressed in a light blue dress, she made her way to the roped off section. The ceremony began and a man dressed from head to toe in a yellow suit  made his way to the podium in front of the justice building. He was no doubt the escort for district 6.

“Welcome to the the 72nd Hunger Games…” The man’s voiced boomed around the large square but Eleanor wasn’t paying any attention to him. She stared down at her shoes which she found much more interesting that what the escort had to say. She was completely lost in thought and only when one of her friends shoved her forward did she realise what happened. Her name had been called and she was now facing a death sentence. 


It shouldn’t have happened but by some miracle Eleanor was the last one standing. Most people would have felt joy and happiness at the thought of just winning the games but Eleanor felt only numbness. She stared over the side of a cliff where the last tribute (other that Eleanor) lay broken and dead. It was the only kill she had made the whole 2 months she spent in the arena.

The bloodbath was just like any other bloodbath but Eleanor managed to escape unscathed with a small knife in hand. That knife was what saved her and was now laying in the dead body of the boy below. Eleanor was not very athletic and didn’t know anything about weapons but having her small knife made her feel a little more comfortable. 

She had spent most of her time by that cliff hiding away in a small cave, no bigger than her closet in district 6. She only came out when she needed food or water. Slowly, she could hear the cannons sound painfully slow with each passing day in the arena. 

Now that she was the only one left, she felt so alone. She definitively should have been the dead body at the base of the cliff but due to the other tribute’s cross bow miss firing  she was alive. A large hovercraft appeared over head and she smiled as it reminded her of her father who could have built the very hovercraft that was taking her home.